Tracy's Testamonial

In 1993 I suffered from a self-imposed whiplash from a wasp to the face encounter.  My head was turned to the side and stuck there.  After several days I decided to go to a chiropractor in my hometown.  I was finally able to turn my head normally... almost.  I had what felt like a marble at the top of my neck on one side.  I was not able to turn my head all the way without pain.  If I turned my head for too long, I would get a migraine.  My migraines went from lasting a couple days in my 20's to lasting over a month in recent years.  My quality of life was okay, if you say sleeping in a recliner because you can't sleep lying flat in bed is okay.

In May, Dr. Mike came to our workplace and he changed my life.  As he did the exam, he stopped at each sore spot (even before I told him it was sore) and told me I had an issue there.  He then told me what the the symptoms of each spot were.  He had no idea of my health issues, but he was exactly correct on every one.  

Fast forward to July 14 - I am sitting on the adjustment table and realized I can turn my head all the way without pain!  It may sound silly, but after 23 years I am excited I can turn my head!  I lost my marble - some say I lost my marbles a long time ago - but that big marble is gone.  I have more to work on, but the difference in 7-8 weeks of treatment is life changing.  I am 52 years old and I have a lot of life left to live.  I have grandbabies to hold and love, and I will be able to enjoy them so much more now.  

This is only the beginning, with Dr. Mike and Rosa (the amazing therapist) I am getting stronger and more flexible.  My 50's are looking better and better.  Thank you Dr. Mike!!!

-Tracy D.